Velo Czorsztyn - Bicycle Route Around the Czorsztyńskie Lake

You can take part in a trip along one of the most beautiful Polish bicycle routes: the route leading around the Czorsztyńskie Lake (the so-called Velo Czorsztyn)

Velo Czorsztyn is a route that was designed in 2019 upon the Czorsztyn Lake that is located in the region referred to as the Lesser Poland. Cyclists can take advantage of remarkable quality surfaces and intriguing attractions along the way. The length of the discussed route is 44 km. Nevertheless, inexperienced cyclists can try out its shorter variants. The entire route takes from 3 to 6 hours to complete. It all depends on one’s health condition, mileage-related plans, and trip type (alone or with children).

Velo Czorsztyn incorporates two bicycle routes:

  • one leading along the northern shore of the Czorsztyńskie Lake – the Route Around the Czorsztyńskie Lake
  • one leading along the southern shore of the Czorsztyńskie Lake – VeloDunajec

The Velo Czorsztyn is based on asphalt roads that run in a close proximity to the lake shore. Cyclists use bicycle paths excluded from general traffic or internal roads to traverse the route. There are some public roads that have to be utilized, but they are quiet and wide ones.

The majority of the Velo Czorsztyn route is based on a pleasant ride on flat terrain. There is one section that can test your fitness a bit: it is the section leading from Dębno to Niedzica. It is considered to be above-average when it comes to its difficulty. The steepest section is located in a close proximity to the village of Falsztyn – those few hundred meters of a more difficult road will surely test the skills of many cyclist. The mostly flat terrain encourages almost all visitors to try the route out.