Three Crowns

The highest peak of the Środkowe Pieniny range, which is also one of the most popular and beautiful attractions of this area. The peak consists of five crags. What is more, when it comes to the highest one (Okrąglica – 982 m asl), there is an observation deck surrounded by railings to be found there.

From the terrace overlooking Rówień near Dunajec, there is a neat view of the Dunajec Gorge and the area of the Pieniny National Park. One can also admire the Tatra Mountains, Beskid Sądecki, Gorce, Beskid Żywiecki, and Magura Spiska. When the weather is optimal, one can even see Babia Góra, being as many as 63 kilometers away.

From Szczawnica, the blue trail leads to the peak (it takes about 4-5 hours to traverse it). From there, you can reach the Three Crowns hostel by opting for the yellow or green trail. Along the way, you should visiting Sokolica (747 m asl) and the Pieniny Castle.