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1. Visiting Szczawnica.

Szczawnica is situated in the Pieniny Mountains. It is also the place where Panorama Szczawnica Apartments are located. It is also an extremely charming town with healing water springs that can be advantage of.

2. Trail to the Red Monastery – hike along the Dunajec Gorge.

It is an ideal route when you want to explore the town on foot and by bike (we grant our guests the access to our bicycle room during the summer season). The trail has about 10 kilometers in total. It is possible to finish a leisurely walk in an atmospheric pub in Slovakia, where you can order regional delicacies.

3. Pump Room in Szczawnica and a charming promenade.

While being in Szczawnica, it is worth visiting the Mineral Water Pump Room located in the eastern part of the Dietl Square. We also recommend taking a walk along the longest promenade in Poland (the length of which is close to 1.8 kilometers), which starts at the station of the cable car taking tourists to Palenica. While walking along the promenade that is additionally illuminated after sunset, you can listen to the sound of the water flowing next to you. We are more than sure that you will be simply captivated by the unique views of local environment.

4. Mountain trails in the Pieniny Mountains, starting in Szczawnica.

Many interesting trips starting with Szczawnica can be planned by our visitors. When the days are rather short – so typically during winter, you can always attempt climb to the peak of Wysoka by going through the Homole Gorge. When the sky is cloudless, a wonderful landscape will unfold before your eyes, which will fill you with peace. What is every more, from Szczawnica, it is possible to take a cable car to Palenica and from there – to reach Wysoka.

5. Homole Gorge

It is another attraction of Szczawnica and Pieniny. The Homole Gorge is about 800 m long and is easy to traverse, even by children. The great majority of the path runs along the beautiful Kamionka stream, the bed of which is full of rather huge boulders. The route consists of many steps and bridges that allow tourists to explore this unique area with ease. After leaving the forest, the Dubantowska Valley will appear in front of your eyes – you will then easily notice a clearing with Kamienne Księgi (rocks resembling an open book).

6. Relaxation in the SPA & Wellness area of Szczawnica Apartments.

If you decide to spend a few days in Szczawnica in a rather active manner, you will surely be interested in some relaxation and regeneration. You will surely feel amazing while looking at the landscape covered with snow and while at the same time – being surrounded with bubbles, swimming, or resting in the SPA zone.

7. Sleigh ride in Pieniny.

In winter in the Pieniny Mountains, you can also take advantage of a sleigh ride. We would like to especially recommend you a night ride with torches, the culmination of which is roasting sausages next to a bonfire. Such an attraction will appeal not only to children, but to adults as well.

8. Niedzica Castle.

A rather beautiful, monumental castle in Niedzica is located about 20 kilometers away from Szczawnica. It is located on a steep rock, which makes the object look truly astonishing. Archaeological examinations have shown that the castle was built at the end of the 13th century and was a small wooden watchtower serving as a customs house.

9. Skiing in Pieniny.

This is yet another addition to our  list of attractions in Szczawnica. While being in the mountainous area in winter, you simply have to go skiing and test your skills. A lot of people come to Szczawnica because of the unusual and fantastic ski slopes. You can additionally take advantage of many equipment rentals, lifts, as well as admire the Palenica station from the Panorama Szczawnica Apartments. You can also ski in Palenica Ski Resort – the most popular ski resort in the region. You can reach it in 2 minutes by car or in 6 minutes while going on foot.

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