Willa Panorama Willa Panorama
Willa Panorama


After a long journey
I get there.

The last stretch of the road climbs a small,
Szczawnica street quite steeply up.
What does this mean, I only feel
when I get out of the car.


The first impression
is made only once.

Sudden silence. Wonderful - How is that? - I think.
- In the middle of a tourist village?

I look around and begin to understand that
I am not really in Szczawnica. I am above it!

So that's what the name PANORAMA is about ...

I've always thought that "make yourself at home" was just a polite phrase.
Here I felt like this after three minutes.

The art of hospitality is not easy at all.
You just have to have talent.

The way the Hosts of Willa Panorama greet their guests
is a masterpiece. A perfectly proportioned caring and
directness, curiosity and sincere joy in meeting people,
openness to relationships and respect for other people's privacy.  

It is said of grace: "you either have it or you don't."
Agnieszka and Maciej have it. A few minutes of welcome chat is enough to feel it.

The climate here is not only the mountains.
The atmosphere of this place is created by people.

Let's start with the reception. 
Well, it is the reception only in name, because it's actually something between a coffee lounge, a cozy reading room, and a small art gallery.

Lovers of boutique design, to which I belong too, will immediately feel pampered here. The interior has the personality of the hosts, is vibrant with life and envelops with hospitality.

Speaking of pampering: wine lovers, including interesting specimens from local vineyards, will also be delighted.


with an artistic soul.

Time for a difficult decision.
Warecki or Samul? Tonar or Grochulska?
In whose "company" should I spend the near time?

The suites and studios in the Willa are named after the artists and are mini-galleries of their works. The choice is really not easy. Maybe Warecki? Or maybe Tonar? I love female portraits.

I choose Warecki, but I read Tonar's autobiography to my pillow and discover the artist's Szczawnica roots

With taste.
With a view.
With pleasure.

Art for space or space for art? - I think.
And, to tell you the truth, I don't know. Full harmony between the arrangements and works of art is due to the Hostess's sense of style.

The same applies to DIY breakfast, a composition of regional and home made delicacies.
Crunchy bread - a townsperson's dream, fresh vegetables, local cheese...
I want it every day!

Time goes by slowly. I blend in with the armchair on the terrace, delight with the silence and the panorama of mountain peaks. Tea with honey from the garden next door ... I'm breathing. Slow life. 

Quit everything
and go to the mountains.

After breakfast and a moment of blissful doing nothing, it's time for a walk. I am not a top conqueror, but I can wander aimlessly in the bosom of nature endlessly.

I choose a destination: Homole Gorge. I don't regret it. I consider it unnecessary to try to describe the beauty of Pieniny (or any other) nature. Whoever has read Orzeszkowa knows what it is about.

You have to go, see, feel and make yourself happy...

Life is beautiful.
It's good to be able
to enjoy what life brings.

What happened next? A Wellness evening? Oh yes! Looking at pictures? With delight! Conversations until the morning with good wine? Sure!

There are places where time flows differently and space fulfills all desires. Maybe it's magic, maybe a microclimate, or maybe someone's intuition, empathy and carefully done work.

It is worth visiting such places and appreciating them.
It's just worth dreaming.

Do you have any questions? Let's talk!

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