Willa Panorama Willa Panorama
Willa Panorama


A space for family and friends
with children from the age of seven.

Spend the whole day in the fresh mountain air! And then…
Cooking together? Lounging with your favorite series? Yoga on the terrace?
The intuitive arrangement of the apartments does not limit you in any way,
and the decor makes you feel simply good here.


1st floor studio is full of sunshine and sunny colors. Modern design and bold, energizing interior colors make you feel good even when it rains...


Samul Suite

The comfortable interior of the 2nd floor studio is decorated with magical drawings by Agata Samul.
The author makes them available for sale - a real treat  for regular and new admirers of her talent.


Warecki Suite

The gallery of female portraits by Michał Warecki
decorates the 3rd floor studio, making your stay in that
unforgettable interior. Good news for those who cannot take their eyes off - the works are for sale.