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Willa Panorama


A space just right for a couple.

Wonderful mountain air on the terrace with a panorama of the peaks and comfortable interior design, seasoned with art to taste. In addition, delicious DIY breakfasts and a kitchenette with everything you need to prepare a romantic dinner.

Grochulska Studio

The bright and cozy interior of the 1st floor studio is decorated with series of intriguing paintings by Agnes Grochulska. You can admire… or even fall in love and desire to take the painting with you.


Tonar Studio

The atmosphere of the 2nd floor studio is created by energetic watercolors and ceramics of Teresa Tonar, a native resident of Szczawnica. The artist life can be seen in her touching autobiography, with a special dedication to Willa Panorama guests.


Summertime Studio

The sunniest and most cozy studio on the 3rd floor is named after Agnieszka Kozień's paintings from the Summertime series. These works can only be enjoyed on the spot.