Willa Panorama Willa Panorama
Willa Panorama


Willa is located 505 m above sea level, among the plants, the singing of birds and the chirping of crickets.
You don't feel the street bustle here. 

Contact with nature begins with admiring the wonderful view, and then ... then you have to be closer and closer.

Szczawnica is surrounded
by the Pieniny National Park.

It is a real treasure of breathtaking views, clean air, countless species of fauna and flora. Here, each journey is full of amazing discoveries.

For example, you can meet and fall in love with the divine Apollo - one of the most beautiful and rarest daytime butterflies in Poland (Parnassius apollo).

The mountains are teeming
with life and the active ones
have no chance of getting bored.

Ski and toboggan slopes, hiking trails, bicycle paths, routes for enduro and quad enthusiasts, perfect conditions for paragliders and water sports on the Dunajec: kayaks, rafts, pontoons.

On the trail of
Małopolska vineyards.

A real treat for wine lovers: the tradition of our native vineyards is being revived and they are thriving and praised with better and better wines.

Enotourism is very popular in Małopolska and it is really worth planning a tasting trip along the route of Polish wines.

The resort of Szczawnica
provides versatile attractions.

A break from duties has many aspects. After a day of walking, excursions and sightseeing, you may feel like something different.

Two steps form Willa (literally 150 meters) You can blend in with the atmosphere of Szczawnica: cafes, bars and restaurants.