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Willa Panorama

- breathe -

get carried away

sometimes the world knows better what's good for You

- let yourself be admired -

contemporary art gallery

open space for artists

Willa Panorama


Owners of Willa Panorama
invited me for the weekend.

- Come, explore our place, relax. If you like it,
you will write something about us.
- Why not? I thought. The weather was beautiful
and my friends said it's worth for the view alone.
Plus boutique interiors, Pieniny trails by a step,
and the Castle in Niedzica ... I'm going! I decided.
I thought it was not easy to surprise me. And yet…

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With scenery and art

Being close is also an art.

1st floor studio is full of sunshine and sunny colors. Modern design and bold, energizing interior colors make you feel good even when it rains...


Being close is also an art.

The comfortable interior of the 2nd floor studio is decorated with magical drawings by Agata Samul.
The author makes them available for sale - a real treat  for regular and new admirers of her talent.


Being close is also an art.

The gallery of female portraits by Michał Warecki
decorates the 3rd floor studio, making your stay in that
unforgettable interior. Good news for those who cannot take their eyes off - the works are for sale.


Do you like to be alone, the two of you?

The bright and cozy interior of the 1st floor studio is decorated with series of intriguing paintings by Agnes Grochulska. You can admire… or even fall in love and desire to take the painting with you.


Do you like to be alone, the two of you?

The atmosphere of the 2nd floor studio is created by energetic watercolors and ceramics of Teresa Tonar, a native resident of Szczawnica. The artist life can be seen in her touching autobiography, with a special dedication to Willa Panorama guests.


Do you like to be alone, the two of you?

The sunniest and most cozy studio on the 3rd floor is named after Agnieszka Kozień's paintings from the Summertime series. These works can only be enjoyed on the spot.



There are places
and pleasures irresistible.

Here is one of them.
All you need is time 
a lot of time… just for yourself. 



Send your loved ones on vacation
- they will never forget it.
Best of all, come together!



  • Enotourism in Pieniny

    Sounds exotic? Whereas, Polish vineyards in the mountains are getting better! A must-see for wine gourmets. You can taste the crops of the Gródek Vineyard at our Willa.